To maximize result, proper taping application is essential. Following are basic application tips compiled by our SportsTex experienced users. However, each individuals end up finding his/her most effective taping techniques that is most efficient for his/her own changing conditions.

***For first timer, please do a small area Skin Test (on a safe area of your body) for a day. Roll out tape slowly from the skin to check for any skin irritation. Remove tape completely if sensitivity occurs (i.e. itching, or other skin irritation). Contact our SportsTex Clinic doctors at or, your own doctor for advise to build tolerance. Save pictures of your skin irritation for better doctor's advise.
For demonstration, watch videos available in YouTube or attend live demonstration seminars/workshops near you.

Taping Tips

1. Skin preparation
Application area should be clean, dry, non-oily and if possible, non-hairy. Avoid open wound or doubtful skin condition areas including acne or areas with skin problems. To ensure efficient adhesion and avoid premature peeling, make sure your hands are also clean and avoid contaminating the adhesive backing with your hand's oil, dust, or other debris.
2. Application timing
About an hour before exercising to ensure proper adhesion of tape on the skin without moisture from perspiration or water interference.
3. General application & stretching intensity rules
Prepare your tape strips according to the length appropriate for each application area cut the corners of tape in rounded shape to prevent premature peeling. Also avoid finishing both ends of taping on a frequently bending body areas or where your clothing will keep rubbing it off. Reserve at least 1 inch of tape on both ends for anchoring purposes without applying any stretching. When applying the tape, anchor one end of the tape first, at least an inch without stretching. With minimal stretching (not the tape but skin should be stretched), apply small portions of the tape at a time to the desired skin area by gradually peeling off the backing paper. Tear off the remainder backing paper.
4. Maintenance & removal
As time goes by, trim off only the peeled off edges and keep using the tape for 3-5 days. For best results avoid rubbing the tape with soap during bathing and gently pat dry after bathing. While waterproof and breathable, each tape application use is recommended for no longer than 5 days. It is better to remove the tape when dry and in the direction of hair growth by slowly and gently rolling it out (use body lotion or oil if necessary).