SportsTex Classic (A-250)
SportsTex Classic Eco-case(A-450)
July 29, 2015
SportsTex Classic (A-250)
SportsTex Precut roll
July 29, 2015
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SportsTex Classic (A-250)

SportsTex Classic (A-250)

Size: 5cm x 5m ( 2” x 16.4’ )
Composition: 97% Premium Cotton, 3% Polyurethane
Colors: Beige, Blue, Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, White


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Uncut rolls in our plastic tube package. Save money by making your own cuts instead of buying the precut rolls which may render waste of tape. Available in many solid colors and cool design patterns.

All SportsTex cotton Kinesiology Tapes are designed to mimic human skin to allow full range of motion to enhance your performance. Latex free, Hypo-allergenic, Water resistant(You can sweat, shower or swim with it), and can last up to 5 days if properly used.

Please read our Taping Tips section for information on how to use and prolong the tape lifespan.

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